IPSW Downloads

API Documentation


A public API to request information from the IPSW Downloads website.

09-01-2016 SSL update

As of 09-01-2016, all requests to api.ipsw.me will be forced SSL, and run under the new architecture. A legacy copy of the API will be available at api.ios.icj.me, however it is not recommended that new applications use it.

Version 2.1

The changelog for v2 → v2.1 can be found here.

If you're updating to v2.1 from v2, please read the documentation and Changelog.

Version 2

Available for the foreseeable future. Using API v2.1 is recommended.

Note that if you wish to request from the "PwnageTool" or "redsn0w" sections of the API, you must use v2. They were discontinued starting with v2.1.


Other Information

IPSW Downloads was previously known as "Firmware Links"

IPSW Downloads and the IPSW Downloads API would not have been possible without the help of Neal and his hard work.